Here We Are World

Happy New Year! No, I haven’t got the dates wrong.Whilst the end of the current year and the looming of the start of a new one forces the majority of people to take stock of their lives,I find myself taking stock more than half way in to the year. Odd?Extremely.The result of this annual stock taking (however late it happens!) means that we look to the new year with renewed hope and energy for our passions and aspirations. The result of my renewed energy is this blog that you’ve stumbled upon.

I am a full time fashion enthusiast,an architecture student, and city lover who lives to find wonderlands in different provinces. I get to see some of the most amazing get ups worn by a wide spectrum of characters. I’m sure that if you’re South African you’ve noticed them too and if you’re not you’ll surely be intrigued by them. South Africa? Yes.

As a South African I do know what you’ll find here on the street- a distinct sense of style, a distinct sense of self. Worn with a confidence that I guarantee you won’t find anywhere else and so I’m going to have to muster up the courage to ask these individuals for a snap or two.You see there’s a revolution happening here.A South African Aesthetic is being celebrated and I’m practically bursting at the seams to share it. I want to exhibit what beauty there is here and show it off, I want to document and remember every soul I meet so that you too may fall inlove with South Africa-the way I have. Perhaps then you’ll spread the word and let everyone know  that It Happens Here.

An extremely well dressed gentleman who I had the pleasure of sharing a photograph with outside a cathedral in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape.


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