Street Style: Print Blocking

I’ve decided to interpret the new trend that is known as Print Blocking as this will be my competition entry.Interestingly enough, although the mixing and matching of different prints (print blocking) is a fairly new trend it’something people on the street have been doing  for ages.I’m sure you’ve all seen people pairing unlikely prints  that can be hazardous,noteworthy or delightful to look at .There is a huge African Print influence in Durbz, and I dont mean safari or animal print that mainstream designers deem “African inspired”.Instead we see prints that are closer to home and synonymous with African Culture that create a much more elaborate dialogue- one that expresses personality and viewpoints. Here are some fresh prints and patterns, and even stripes that people are wearing on the streets.

Afrocentric Prints

Bright Yellow Star print Kaftan

The circles in this printed bag remind me of traditional “shweshwe print” while the orange and yellow are reminiscent of traditional African clothing.

The bright orange,red,green and yellow in her bag is paired with a graphic tee.

Which Prints, Where?

Ok so which prints do I choose and which prints go where??To ease into the whole mixing and matching of prints you can always choose a single print as the focal point in your outfit and pair it with a printed bag, be it clashing or similar .A good approach is to wear prints of the same family or colour throughout an outfit.Do whatever feels and looks right, a key ingredient in pulling this off is the confidence you exude when you’re wearing a calamity of colours or prints, it’s got to have an effortless appeal to work.

An unusual printed pink jumpsuit is paired (almost by accident) with a bright red, patterned bag. Although this is a small gesture of mixing prints/patterns,you can see how it makes for a great contrast and an unusual pair.

A closer look at Sam’s printed jumpsuit( How fantastic is this two tone scarf??)

I was in awe when I spotted this combination of florals. Yay for Big Florals which are a must have for this summer.  Here it’s carried through boldly in leggings,scarf and bag. Now, we’re getting a lot closer to the right idea

Keeping the same colour scheme of pink and white help integrate the florals into this outfit so that they dont fight each other. Thumbs up to this  lass who walked the street as though it was her runway.

Let’s Print Block

And finally we have made it onto full blown PRINT BLOCKING for intermediates.With all the prints to choose from, you can take your pick at pairing whatever you like.Keep an eye out for Polka dots this summer as the collaboration by artist Yayoi Kusama and Louis Vuitton show off  polka dots from shoes and watches to sunglasses. Mel shows off her print blocking  ability and gets it right on target by  pairing a polka dot sheer shirt with tribal print shorts. To complete the look she added dotted stockings that gave off a whimsical and playful vibe. After drooling over close ups of Mel’s outfit, may we all go forth into the world and print block evermore.

Classic black and white polka dot meets a brightly coloured tribal pattern.

The Black trimming on the edge of her shorts help tie in the black shirt. I love these little dotted stockings!

Mel keeps additions simple and wears a black bowling hat, black and tan bag and tan brogues. (What is life without Ray Bans and a pair of brogues??)

I adore the way the clashing of these two prints work! Be happy and comfortable with the pair of prints you choose- have fun with it and you’ll soon have people shouting  “All Hail The Queen/King of Print Blocking”.


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