Street Style:Jozi Streets

I headed to Johannesburg(Jozi) this past weekend for a very short 24hours! I spent more time interacting with people than I did taking photos.As I got a feel for the people and the area, it was clear to see that we’re becoming more expressive as a nation.It manifests itself in the way we now talk and dress. A conversation started with, “Hey! Where are you headed?” and I found myself on a roof top, dancing under an African sunset and laughing with people who were all different cultures,races and religions.It’s hard to define what kind of people we are or to find one thing that symbolizes every one of us as South Africans. Our influences are so varied,so unique and it’s these contradictions and clashes in our appearance,ideals and attire that make us so special. South Africans are undeniably some of the coolest people you’ll EVER meet.


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