Where to in Durban: Hemingways Bistro & Restuarant


Saturday morning missions are always a great success. This particular success was due to Hemingways Bistro which can be found at 131  Helen Joseph Road (known as Davenport Road previously) in the Glenwood area. Hemingways is a charming restaurant and bistro that offers outside seating on a beautiful covered patio alongside the street ;which is my absolute favourite when visiting cafes and restaurants.The breakfast was made from fresh ingredients and the presentation was awesome.ImageImageImageImage

The bistro is an old converted glenwood home and it’s no wonder that the covered patio is so divine and provides such a sense of intimacy. You almost feel as if  you’re sitting on your own patio at home enjoying the sunshine and a good meal.There’s this transparency that I love where eating and interacting are on display; the idea of inclusion of all the surrounding elements rather than exclusion of them (when you’re sitting in a restaurant in a mall). In Durban,we really can’t have enough places that give us the opportunity to sit outside with our amazing weather. I know I probably go on  about buildings/spaces and their relationships with the street but it’s because this really does contribute to a great experience when dining and socializing. You get a feel for your place and surroundings; giving it a character that you’re most likely to enjoy,remember and associate with Durban.


The decor inside Hemingways is so thoughtful- a crisp all white theme and each table has little pot plants on it. I especially loved the black,chalk wall and the greenery that are a part of the bistro.If you’re familiar with Durban then you’d know that there are trees,bush and plants everywhere! Hemingways doesn’t seek to invite you in and close you off from the bustle of the street, or to impose a sort of fine dining experience that is foreign and reminiscent of Italy.Instead it offers some modern South African food,a selection of pastas and tapas within its own unique place.A place that fits seamlessly into an urban setting.I didn’t feel like I was overseas while sitting at Hemingways, instead I was excited to realize that this definitely feels like Durbz.



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