Taken by : Jade Leaf

So I’m going to have a to go away for a little bit.Out to sea,alone for 3 weeks to be exact.No well I’m not physically going anywhere but it will feel like I’ve left for awhile, as far as the blog is concerned. I’ve got deadlines coming out of my ears and I’m afraid they’ll be holding me captive for awhile. So that was the bad news. Now for some good news, I’ll be sharing all of the pictures I took of local lass, Maresce from Styling for Days! And then this weekend  I’m off to a “Food Jam” hosted by Jade de Waal- you may know her from Masterchef SA. She hosts these food jams where she teaches groups of her friends how to cook.This is the first one being held here in Durban!! So never fear, I’ll have some “Proudly Durban” posts to share with you all when I get back. In the meantime if you’re from Durban and have any ideas on local cool stuff, or if you’ve got an enviable style of dress you’d like me to feature,please do so by commenting on this post. If you’re shy then you can email me-no problemo. Good luck to everyone meeting deadlines,writing over this exam period and everyone else on the general grind as the year comes to an end. “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen“.

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