Where to in Durban: Food Jam

I am so excited to FINALLY be telling you all about The Food Jam that I had previously mentioned. Let me start from the top. My wonderful friend Jade de Waal that I’m sure many of you recognize as one of the finalists from Masterchef SA came to Durban to share her gift of food with us. She started monthly “Food Jams” in Cape Town that she describes as being “monthly get togethers where cooking your own meal is only half the experience”. Check out the Facebook Page for Eat Your Heart Out (EYHO) Food Jams here. Russel and Olwethu from Fork,Knife and Glass Dinner Club teamed up with Jade and held the first Food Jam in Durban at their house in Glenwood.

Russel and Olwethu’s abode is so charming and quirky,filled with all kinds of artsy accents.It provided a great setting for The Food Jam complete with secret gardens. Architectural instincts soon took over and I snapped  little details that I found so beautiful.I also couldn’t stop taking pictures of the fresh ingredients. It’s so amazing how simple things can have an effect on you when you start paying attention to them. It felt as though I was seeing cabbages and potatoes for the first time!

 There is no way for me to explain this experience adequately.Sure, a bunch of people who didn’t know each other got together and attempted to cook different recipes but that’s not the point. Having to bargain for the stove and cooking utensils, for the fridge and the blender creates bonds that I don’t think you can make anywhere else. We spent the whole day preparing the recipes given to us, but we also spent the whole day getting to know each other.I mean really sit down and talk with people from all corners of Durban with jazzy beats playing in the background ,and the occasional curse at overcooked rice. The Food Jam gave me a new appreciation for the art of cooking and for the art of socializing, not the usual sort of Hi and Bye stuff, or shouting over loud music in a club.The kind of socializing that opens your mind to new outlooks,new ideas and new people. If I was you I’d keep a look out for the next Food Jam, if not for the company or experience, then definitely for the food.


4 thoughts on “Where to in Durban: Food Jam

  1. I had so much fun and met lovely people,the vibe was so relaxed yet so elevating.kudo’s to Olwethu,Russel and Jade for bringing together such a beautiful colourful crowd..!it must happen more often

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