Where to Go in Durban : Bertoua Cafe and Lounge

Friends of mine and peeps who follow me on twitter (@jadaleaf) will know that I am obsessed with Bertoua Cafe and Lounge. It now holds the top spot in my heart and any excuse to go there, I grab with both hands. You can find Bertoua in Musgrave Road, next to Musgrave Center.  From the outside Bertoua has a glass facade facing the street and is raised above street level making it seem quite formal and suave. You’re not sure if it’s a cafe, a restaurant or a place for private events.

On further inspection you’ll be happy to see that Bertoua is in fact open to the public.This place epitomizes Durban for me. You enter on to the wooden deck and meet a beautiful old tree that seems to grow from  the deck. The incorporation of black and nude colours for the couches and chairs against warm wooden accents is enough to make me want to move in and stay forever. Inside the building there is an all black formal dining room for evening dining. The food is fantastic and whether you’re looking for a lunch time salad or succulent steak and greens for dinner, this place does not disappoint. The cocktails are amazing and the barman is willing to whip up pretty much anything- the service is amazing. Sunday’s are an extra treat with live music and an unusual mix of people chilling on the deck enjoying what’s left of the the weekend.

Bertoua maximizes on it’s corner location with its panoramic views of the street and the wonderful skyward views when sitting on the deck. The tent-like structure that reaches over the lounge area is one of my favourite architectural details that contrasts with open sky. Unusually, there are light bulbs inside of jars that hang delicately from the steel members above.This is the way one should enjoy a city with a sub-tropical climate such as Durban, amongst nature and trees paying homage to the sky and the sunshine above, sipping on a mojito and tucking in to some wonderfully prepared cuisine.



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