Thank You

So I’ve been a terrible blog owner again.Where do I start? Apologies for my lack of blogging but it’s been crazy since I moved from my hometown of Durban to the Urban Jungle known as Johannesburg. “Joburg” as the locals know it. I won a bursary to study Fashion Design at The London International School of Fashion (LISOF) and was left in an awkward position; to either carry on with my path in Architecture or to put it on hold in pursuit of a new opportunity. I took this opportunity and coupled with a new job- I’ve been thrown in the deep end.More exciting news came my way as I have  my very first feature in an online website called Our Town. They found out who I am and what I’m about and where I like to hang out. Check it out!
Jade Leaf

So here is a very big Thank you to you and yours, for all your support in all of my endeavours. And while I started this blog with the intention of it being proudly Durban, I am going to have to find a suitable approach to suit my new home and new experiences. Fashion and architecture of course will still dominate these pages, but please be patient as the blog undergoes a makeover so that it reflects the new me and my new environment. I started this blog last year August and was so self conscious about it and my work. Now, I look at it with so much pride, with newly acquired confidence and at the new friends and new opportunities I’ve picked up along the way. I’m looking forward to the unknown, to not knowing where the road will lead to and to the creative solutions to the challenges ahead. Here’s to you.


Norton Rose Towers in Johannesburg, Sandton

This is what my new surroundings look like. Welcome to Joburg.


One thought on “Thank You

  1. Congratulations, but sad to see you had to leave Durban. Your blog inspired me to want to write a story based in Durban – eventually – still doing research. If you change the name of your blog, please let me know so I can continue to follow you in your new adventures.

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