Amsterdam’s Albert Cuyp Market

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6One Shoulder Jumpsuit : Cape Town

Beaded Gold Necklace: Shop in Amsterdam

I just got back from an amazing trip through Holland, France and Spain. If you’ve been following me on my Instagram (@jadekristi) then you’ll know I had been travelling through the Eastern Cape to reach my hometown of Durban before I embarked on this overseas journey. Amsterdam is amazing and I probably won’t be able to give enough praise to the narrow,tree-lined streets, to the bicycle traffic that replaces the usual frenzy of cars we’re so used to in South Africa, to the endless amount of well dressed women and men enjoying summer at the cafe or, the old European architecture that I’ve dreamt about seeing for so long.The Albert Cuyp Market, which you can find in the Oud Zuid area in Amsterdam, is filled with bargains- from flowers to food, to clothes and shoes- there’s just too much.The market opens at 8AM but if I were you I’d go at midday because people in Amsterdam are very relaxed when it comes to getting the day started. They were busy setting up when I reached the market at 8AM sharp (like the eager tourist I am).Summer in Amsterdam is beautiful and with the absence of unbearable heat I decided to wear an Indian inspired jumpsuit that I had never worn before. The print on this jumpsuit pays homage to my Indian roots. Amsterdam is incredibly diverse with so many different cultures in one place.I threw in some Afrikaans every now and again but I always got lost mid convo.I felt like less of a tourist and more like a local.Apart from the minor language barrier,the  backpack and camera around my neck, I’d say I fit right in.


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