UIA World Congress Durban 2014


“2014 is an auspicious year for both South Africa and the UIA. It is the 20th anniversary of
democracy in South Africa, the 25th Jubilee of the UIA Congress and the year that Cape
Town is to be celebrated as the World Design Capital. With all this in mind, the world’s
focus is firmly on South Africa as a design hub.” –  Hassan Asmal


If you’ve been following my Twitter  then you’ll have probably seen my rants about The UIA Durban 2014 . A lot of people have been asking me what is it and why does it matter? I’ve tried to answer these questions in this post which is short and sweet. The theme for the conference is “Architecture Otherwhere” which prompts alternative solutions to spacial and social problems in Durban.The conference will take place on the 3-7 August 2014 at the ICC Durban.  2014 is all about design in South Africa!

Who are The UIA and What is The World Congress?

The International Union of Architects (UIA) is an international non-governmental organization that represents over a million architects in 124 countries. The World Congress is when architects, engineers, designers, technologists, planners, thinkers and writers from all over the world will gather, with the public, for a week of lively and challenging talks, workshops, events and happenings.

Is this the first time The World Congress is being held in Africa and why is it significant?

The World Congress has been held in Africa twice before, in Egypt and Morocco. However, this is the first time it has been held in Southern Africa.Hosting the congress in South Africa is significant as it places the spotlight on the social,economic and spacial issues within the context of Durban, and Durban in the context of South Africa. It allows for global input on South Africa and Africa as a whole moving forward.

What impact does this Conference have on the city of Durban?

Durban has a wonderful climate all year round and has an exceptional ability to host large scale gatherings .It is estimated that 6000 people will flock to Durbs from all over the world and this will be an exciting tourism opportunity. To put this in to perspective- Durban is set to make R100-million as the host city.


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