Collingwood Primary School


My mother has been teaching at Collingwood Primary School in Wentworth,Durban for the last 28 years. It is a coloured area that my grandparents lived in,that my parents grew up in and that I frequented to go to church, extra lessons and to visit family. According to Wikipedia, “Wentworth is a township located on the East Coast of KZN”

If you’re from Wentworth and you’re reading this then you’ll know how defensive we get when the word “township” is used to describe our community, how desensitized we’ve become to the difficulties that the area and community face everyday, and how easy it is to believe that this is just another coloured area that has it’s fair share of problems.

In November 2013, the asbestos roof on the school flew off during a storm that hit Durban. The school was then closed by a department official who declared the building  unsafe.In 2014 no help has been offered to the school and there has been no  communication about repairing the damage the school building has endured. The derelict classrooms are a health hazard and the teachers have resigned to teaching outside.

As an ex pupil of the school I have nothing but praise for the teachers that continue to teach in difficult conditions, for the values they instill in a society that breeds drug and alcohol abuse ,and for their continued efforts to build a better school for their community.

Collingwood Primary prepared my foundation in education, the foundation that enabled me to go to high school and to later progress to university. I’d like the same gift of education to be given to these children that are so determined to learn in the humidity, that show up everyday; eager for knowledge. All that these children and their parents are asking for is shelter from the elements so that they’re able to receive the education they so rightly deserve.

If you can assist Collingwood Primary in any way please do not hesitate to email me at or like their Facebook Page here to show support




One thought on “Collingwood Primary School

  1. Jade, unfortunately I’m unemployed right now. But, this is a good project and your blog a good pitch. I suggest you look into starting a Kickstarter project. I know the need is great, but if you start off with a smaller sum that you can succeed in raising, you can keep increasing it. Of course, there’s the catch of offering people something for their donations – but you’re creative. But, if you do start a Kickstarter, announce it on your blog. A good way to get started and get some initial funds will be to find some of your classmates who are doing well. Good luck.

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