Where to in Durban : KZNFC Fashion Show

On Wednesday Night I was happy to attend The KZN Fashion Council Fashion Show which was  in association with South African Fashion Week. The shows were held at Colombo Tea and Coffee Shop (The Factory Cafe) in Gale Street.The Factory Cafe was once a hidden gem and after hosting numerous local events it’s become a  favourite! It was the perfect venue providing a great space to float in and out of conversations, or in to a beverage or two.


The shows featured fresh designs from upcoming designers Nishai Soohdhew, Amanda Govender, Trish Carmen Joseph, Bianca Warren, Cindy Armstrong, Joel JVV, Hanrie Lues and then were followed by highly esteemed designers Kathrin Kidger, Amanda Laird Cherry, Colleen Eitzen and Karen Monk-Klijnstra.This event became a hub for creative individuals, fashion enthusiasts and Durban supporters to interact and celebrate local talent. It was so refreshing to speak to like-minded people who love their city and I sincerely  wish mid-week celebrations in the form of fashion shows would happen every week! Here are a few of my favourite designs, and favourite images from an incredibly successful evening.These are all taken by photographer,Jerome Stoffels.




This has been a great year for Durban fashion as we’ve seen local designers go from strength to strength, making them definite contenders in the world of fashion. It’s events like these that  show off the creativity that hails from the East Coast and the confidence we’ve acquired in our city and our crafts.Thank you to KZN Fashion Council for inviting me to this inspiring event and check out their Facebook page here to keep up with local fashion events. What do you guys think of these designs?


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